Christians in Baghdad are not safe, not even in their homes, as bombs targeting Christian areas and even specific houses have killed at least 3 people and wounded almost 30 in the last 2 days.  This less than two weeks after the massacre at a Syrian Catholic Church killing 58.

This email from an Iraqi Christian in Baghdad:

“Just want to share the latest situation in Baghdad: before 3 days ago they shot and killed 2 Christians inside the house, and yesterday at night, they shot another one,  and throw bombs in 3 houses for Christians, and my aunt left her house at night yesterday and came to live in ours, and today morning we heard that this happened in another 3 locations, so we entered a new stages that they killed the Christians in the houses, my family are very strained, and really its very horrible, so I am thinking to take my family to the north at Friday 12Nov, as you know Eed AL Adhhah for Muslims will start at 16Nov, so it will be vacation and rest time from the hard situation that we faced, and same time we need time to think what we have to do the next step please pray for us to keep us safe till Friday. Blessings”

CNN is reporting that a Kurdish leader in northern Iraq is offering Iraqi Christians a safe place, “I want to let them know that the Kurdistan Region is open to them. If they want to come, we will protect them and provide them with all services,” said Massoud Barzani, president of the Kurdistan regional government. “We are extremely sorry for the crimes they have been subjected to and we condemn these criminal acts, they are innocent people and a precious part of this nation.”