American Student reporting from Egypt

The changes in the mood and emotions of yesterday and today have been nothing like what I saw on Tuesday at the Tahrir Square, where millions of demonstrators were calm and in complete unity. Violence in Cairo, Egypt continues to increase as pro- and anti- Muburak groups come into conflict. Many Egyptian locals believe that supporters for Muburak are being paid by the National Party.

Last night, in our neighborhood, 15 minute walking distance from Tahrir square, I heard loud gun shots and screaming. A fast moving vehicle had a machine gun, firing openly in a quiet neighborhood where kids were playing outside with their dads. Women and children in their homes were panicking- “I’ve never experienced this in Egypt. This is the first time”. They are afraid of the lack of security and peace in their country in crisis.

Tomorrow is a big day in Egypt as thousands of protestors will be participating in “Leave or Leaving Friday”. They will be marching to the Presidential Palace to take Muburak down; they want nothing less and will wait no longer. This will begin after Muslim’s normal hours of Friday prayer. What will come out of this event is unknown and scary to many citizens as they fear that Muburak’s removal will leave the country empty of leadership and further chaos. Mubarak has already stated today that he wants to resign soon. I think he’s tired of all this. But it doesn’t seem as though he’s stepping down just yet because he, too, knows that if he goes, the country will fall apart.

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  1. Martín García Santiago 6 years ago

    Hola, supe de ustedes por medio de unos hermanos de JUCUM en Chapala JALISCO, me gustó su ministerio. Dios los bendiga! Pastor Martín

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