6 thoughts on “Tokyo youth raise funds for Tsunami victims

  1. My wife and I have known one of these great kids and his parents for over twenty years and it does not surprize us that he would gather some friends to do this wonderful work. May God bless these kids and all the people of Japan. We have donated what we could to the CRASH program for Japan.

  2. I am glad to see how much of an impact my friends are making, with all the chaos going on in Japan right now. I hope I can still help them when I go back to japan next week!

  3. I’m blessed to know that my friends aren’t just sitting back in the chair and watching the news. I’m glad I can stay with them here in Japan. We can’t forget those victims who were washed away that day and also for the vicitims who lost their families and homes. This is where I belong, this is where I’m supposed to be..and I’m glad we can do something during times like these. WWJD is the key.