Japan Earthquake: Alive after 9 days under Tsunami rubble.

On the 20th March, 9 days after the devastating earthquake and tsunami hit Northern Japan a policeman heard a shout from a collapsed three-story building close to the epicentre. It was the cry of a 16-year-old boy who was trapped in a kitchen with his 80 year-old grandmother.

40 minutes later the old woman was bought out alive and moments later her grandson was dragged out.

There haven’t been too many miracle stories coming out of Japan in the last week but this certainly was one of them. An exciting day!

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  1. Conrad Kusel 6 years ago

    So good to see this bit of positive news coming out of the devastation that Japan has been and is reeling from. Keep up the good work Sam!

  2. Celia Page 6 years ago

    Wonderful Sam…. so glad the lady had a good supply of yogurt to keep her going for 9 days. I hope and pray that she and her grandson both make a full recovery.

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  4. Ina Cook 6 years ago

    Praise God for his deliverance, Sam. What a wonderful story of joy to come out of so much sadness. God bless the lady and her grandson and they recover.

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