USA-HI, Arc of Kona – A journey towards independence

The Arc of kona is a community of talented people. Passionate artists, writers, painters, chefs, musicians and so on. All of them in their uniquenesses with one thing in common, a journey towards independence.

Such as Courtney, 38 who loves Music or Mickey, 44 in his artistic mind bringing colors and shapes to the paper. Joshua, 31 whose favorite color is blue and favorite thing to do in paint. Isaiah, 20 loves to express what he cannot say in words in photographs. Malia, 25 who wants to be a secretary and loves to write.

Located at the Big Island of Hawai’i, the NGO was founded in 1962 in Kona to provide care for individuals with disabilities. Fifty years later, the non-profit counts with a total of 108 staff working in different projects around the Island.

Interview with Gretchen Lawson – President and CEO of the Arc of Kona –

Counting with several programs and services, the main goal is to help developing participants talents in order to integrate them back to society.

Interview with Gretchen Lawson – President and CEO of the Arc of Kona –

This has been Nadia Otake reporting for Grassrootsnews

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