4 Years of Grassroots News International

In four years Grassroots News International (GNI) has leapt from vision to reality. Through ENG news reports, photojournalism and mobile media, our reporters have shed light on major news events like Japan’s Tsunami, the Phillipine Typhoon, Hawaii’s Iron Man triathlons and Rwanda’s Genocide Recovery.

Some stories spread quickly when picked up for statewide, national and international broadcast. Other stories caught viral surges. Many quality stories still earn “long tail” viewership. Some GNI stories became movements for social reform.

To date, 800 GNI stories have gathered 800,000+ views in 215 nations.

Now GNI’s citizen media movement is adapting to the global news landscape. Tweets and other forms of micro-post social media fuel news gathering today.

To foster a “flat-earth” news gathering process, GNI is inviting independent media producers of all kinds–reporters, photographers, writers, indie filmmakers…even simple bystanders with camera phones… to join in by uploading their media and hash-tagging it with #GrassrootsNews The best images, clips and stories will have a chance to be featured on the GNI site and on partner news agencies around the world.
To see the world change, we must see it as it is: Grassroots News International


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