The flood waters in the Terai region of Nepal have receded to an extent and now farmers are left to survey the damage. The flood, which started with heavy rains in late August, caused many people to be displaced across the Terai region, many people’s entire houses and belongings floated away because of the sheer amount of rainfall and flooding.

Two weeks after the flood, the ground is starting to be visible again in some places. Farmers are now starting the process of rebuilding. Many lost their entire herds of livestock, as well as their whole harvest for this year.

The Ministry of Agricultural Development estimates that Nepali farmers lost around Rs 6 billion due to the floods. It is now working in partnership with the National Planning Commission and the Ministry of Finance to create an Rs 1.25 billion relief package for farmers in 30 flood-hit districts.

With the relief package coming, farmers are hopeful, however, the loss of precious livestock and crops still take a toll on families and food resources for the surrounding region. Despite this research shows that floods have been shown to replenish nutrients in the soil and make the future crops healthier and more nutrient rich.

Report by: Benjamin J. Loecken