The European Union renewed its already five-year-old ban on all air carriers certified by the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal and prohibits them from operating within the EU, the European Agency stated in a press release.

“All Nepali airlines are still subject to an operating ban due to lack of safety oversight by the aviation authorities,” the European Commission stated in its updated air safety list that was made public in Brussels on Friday.

The European Commission initially blacklisted Nepal in 2013 by placing restrictions on Nepali airlines after the International Civil Aviation Organisation raised significant safety concerns. They have since renewed their ban explaining that Nepal airlines has not made headway as far as air safety is concerned.

The decision to ban Nepali airlines was all due to the safety and well being of those living and traveling within the European Union. The Commissioner for Transport Violeta Bulc said, “Our objective is to offer the highest level of safety in European skies. The EU’s Air Safety List remains one of our most effective tools to achieve this.”


Written by: Benjamin J. Loecken