Written by Cameron Custance

For years people in Nepal have had to schedule their entire lives around a seemingly random power schedule. Even in the capitol, people would have to wake up between from midnight to three in the morning to have enough electricity to pump water to the tanks on the roof for the day.

But that all changed because of one man and for a little over a year now much of the nation has enjoyed 20+ hours of power a day.

This man’s name is Kul Man Ghising, an electrical engineer with a strong distaste towards corruption.

Seemingly overnight, citizens of Kathmandu and it’s surrounding districts, along with Pokhara, the nation’s second largest city had a constant flow of energy.

Sergey Ashmarin [CC BY-SA 3.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

Kul Man Ghising’s strong moral compass and integrity has lead to the removal of deep corruption in the energy sector, giving equal energy to the populace of Nepal.

Before, Several Industries in Nepal had a monopoly on energy and power plants were throttling their power output to create an unnecessary market for inverters and alternative power markets, thus lining their pockets even more.

Families would have to spend two or three month’s wages just to get back up batteries that still couldn’t power things like water pumps.

Within a month of the changes, sales in solar and batteries dropped by 98% and Kul Man Ghising is now one of Nepal’s national heroes, taking a whole nation out of constant black outs.

His next venture is to make the energy sector profitable, with over 15% of it’s profits in 2016 disappearing from illegal handling of books.


Kul Man Ghising is a man on a mission, full of integrity and value on equal access to power for a whole nation

Things look promising for Nepal in the year of 2018 and the people of Nepal look forward to the energy hero’s newest reforms to continue to lift a nation up into prosperity.