PC: The Pump

Health and Fitness is bolstering in the Kathmandu on the back on rapid globalization and health consciousness. Furthermore, as the economy continues to grow in Nepal, the health and entertainment sector continues to grow.

This last weekend, a gym called “The Pump” ran a power lifting competition to showcase some of Nepal’s fittest men. It not only attracted local talent but also drew international athletes from New Zealand, Australia, the United States and Canada.

“This competition was a great way for the local fitness community to gather and showcase their talents” said Caleb Pharrell, a competitor from Canada who is currently a student at the local university learning the Nepali language. “Moving out here, I had no idea that fitness was so popular and it has been fun to make friends who have the same passions as me.”

In total there were 30 athletes and and 200 spectators. Watching the event which comprised of three specific movements: Back squat, bench press and dead lift. It was quite the spectacle as the athletes were lifting weight upwards of 400 pounds in some of the lifts.

PC: The Pump

This event was an example of a more health and wellness minded Kathamandu. In total there are close to 70 gyms scattered all throughout the Kathmandu Valley, offering different types of fitness classes base on the member’s desire with the majority of the gyms popping up in the last 5 years.

Global fitness trends like Zumba have also taken hold in a globalized world, giving a great alternative to fitness to Nepalis and Westerners alike.

PC: The Pump

As Nepal’s economy continues to grow , so will a health minded population and with it, more and more gyms and fitness competitions to follow.

Reported by Cameron Custance