Grassroots News is:

A non-profit training movement supported by seasoned journalists, filmmakers and storytellers to provide content to multiple platforms.
GNI empowers people on the ground to report reliable news from which any individual or reporting outlet can draw.

Today’s media is dominated by commercial and political agendas. News shows are often opinion-based and personality-driven. The social media movements created a blogging culture that feeds on hearsay and half-truths. Together these leave the public uniformed, overwhelmed, and cynical. We believe there is a desperate need for uncompromised truth that represents the diverse voices of today’s global village. We are a reliable platform of globally acceptable news from which any individual or reporting outlet can draw.

What if the people on the ground were empowered with training, technology and the support of an international network? It could change how we view and engage with our world. Welcome to Grassroots News International Institute!

Every international story starts locally, every bystander is a witness, and every witness has a story to tell. You could enable them to be heard! When much of the international press was still days away from the heartbreak and heroes at the epicenter of the Haitian earthquake, Grassroots news reporters within the community were already on the scene. When sex slavery went unnoticed on the streets of America, our cameras began to expose the injustice. We are committed to truth, accompanied by integrity and honesty.