The Olympic Truce is a UN resolution proposed by the host nation before each Olympics, requiring all signatories to actively initiate efforts for peace during the Olympic games. It has unanimous support from all UN Member States and yet no one does anything about it

Following a year of trying to “move the Government a few inches and failing” – Lord Bates has decided, “to move himself 4000 miles instead.” – walking from Olympia, the birthplace of the ancient games, to London over the course of a year in time for the 2012 Games.

In October 2011 all 193 member states of the United Nations General Assembly will gather in New York to sign a Resolution declaring their commitment to “pursue initiatives for peace and reconciliation in the spirit of the Ancient Olympic Games. In the past everyone has signed it but no one has ever implemented it.

Lord Bates a former British Government Minister and member of the House of Lords feels this is a missed opportunity. He wants to see the Resolution brought into reality so has decided to walk over 3000 miles in the hope that he can persuade all the signatories to the Truce to do just one thing to implement it.

Not only would this bring the flame of hope into conflict zones around the world it would mean that we would rediscover the central purpose of the Ancient Olympic Games which was to provide a pause in the endless cycle of violence through the observance of the Sacred Truce. If they could do it 3000 years ago, then surely we can do it now.

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Text by Sam Farmar