Rivers and waves of molten lava continue to destroy the remaining coastline beside the community of Kalapana, on the Southeast shore of Hawaii Island. Though conditions change constantly, it is currently an 8 mile round trip to see the lava’s leading edge.

Since 1983, the fiery flows have kept pouring from Kilauea, the longest erupting volcano during the last 200 years.

In 1985 Cheryl Adler arrived in Kalapana, a peaceful seaside community.

Adler owns private land that is the staging ground for the lava tours in Kalapana, and shares its use with other lava tour guides. The guides help each other finding the flows and watching out for each other’s safety.

Lava destroyed Kalapana homes and hangouts as recently as 2010. Although endangered by the continual flows, Adler and the community have planted new life on the edge of the lava field.

People come to Kalapana for days and weeks to hike and hunt the red glow of lava.

And some will stay as long as time allows.

Advanced hikers can take their own lava trek by visiting www.LavaRefuge.com or calling (808) 987-3456.

From the newest land on earth, this is Caleb Vegh with Grassroots News.

Additional Footage: Caleb Vegh, Ethan Smith
Footage / Photography: Noe Perez Vicencio
Footage / Editing: Michael Kabia
Script / Editing / Footage: J. Rogers