Nepal Earthquake Relief: BOOTS ON THE GROUND from Fenom Creative on Vimeo.

“In all of my experience with search and rescue, I know that you can’t survey terrain from a helicopter. You’ve gotta get boots on the ground. And that was our single and sole mandate: get to these villages…actually have eyes on and then be able to get these reports back to Karma Flights and Bella’s camp in order for them to contact various organizations who have the resources and the air assets to send the food, supplies and medical personnel if required up to these villages. So that was our one sole mandate: get eyes on, get reports that are first-hand narrative and first-hand information, and get these reports back. And we saw amazing results. People really responded, including the World Food Program, who was responding to our calls. And helicopters flew overhead, sometimes only hours after our reports came in. So we feel like we really accomplished a lot here in a short period of time.”
-Don Bowie

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