Published on Aug 4, 2015

Cyclone Komen and monsoon flooding have devastated Myanmar (Burma), causing an economic and humanitarian crisis. In the wake of Cyclone Komen, Myanmar’s economic inflation is spiking, pushing the price of a single bag of rice up to 100 USD.
One Burmese relief worker (name withheld for safety) describes the desperate situation, “We are facing severe flooding in 11 out of 14 regions. Most of the cities in 10 out of 12 regions are already under water now.”
Myanmar is in South East Asia near Thailand with a population of 55.7 million. Subsistence farmers’ rice paddies are now largely destroyed by floods. Electricity is cut off across the nation. Families are left without food, shelter, clothing and medicine. Editor: Hannah Marquez
C.C. Photo: McKay Savage
C.C. Photo: Wagaung
Cyclone Komen Satellite Imagery: NASA