The IronMan World Championship Triathlon is one of the greatest competitions worldwide. It includes a 3.8 km swim, 180 km bike race, and 42.19 km of running. The IronMan World Championship is four times the distance of a standard triathlon. This small village of Kona, Hawaii is the birthplace of the famous IronMan triathlons.

There are 2-3 thousand athletes and many more spectators who have come for the IronMan, including this lady behind me from France. Her son is 19 years old, the youngest competitor in this IronMan race. We are cheering for her son.
At this time it is 3 pm, almost 9 hours since the race began. All this time, they haven’t eaten.
Recent reports say the IronMan World Championship Triathlon was purchased by a Chinese investment firm, the Wanda Group, with Mr. Wan Jianlin as chairman who aims to make this world class race even more lively and excellent.
Reporter: Sunny Sun
Footage: Joel Rogers, Hannah Marquez, Josh Chun, Sunny Sun
Editor: Josh Chun
Courtesy Footage: IronMan Triathlon
Creative Commons music: “Sound of Hope” by Meizong