Photos: Gilton Lopes
Text: Débora Gonzáles
Translation: João Gabriel Ferreira

For many years the drought has reached many people’s lifes in the sertão (arid region) of Piauí. Privation of potable water, low rainfall, low income, misery and very little investment in improvements in the quality of life are some of the great challenges faced by the “sertanejos” who struggle to survive. Such issues have made the life of the sertanejos much more difficult, almost inhumane. They try their best to meet basic needs of their families. It is difficult to imagine that there is still joy and hope for a better future in the midst of it all. But in the faces of the sertanejos we see it’s possible!

The brave people of this region are intense and resistant to suffering. These resilient and invaluable people have many stories of overcoming. They don’t give up. Through the photographs of Gilton Lopes, know a little of the Eugênio Community, which is in the town of São João do Piauí, comprised of approximately 50 families.