Photos and Text: Emma Mosemann

At first glance, this tiny metal building looks no different from the usual Nepali street shop. Stepping inside the noise is loud and your eyes have to adjust to take in the two rows of clicking machines being run by women in colorful head scarves. They smile and stare unsure in front of a camera but are happy to show you the process of old fashioned fabric weaving. Dhaka is a traditional Nepali fabric usually woven on big wooden looms that are painstakingly hand-threaded. The women adjust the last threads and start the wooden loom. They stand close monitoring the procedure, making sure tho loom is functioning to create a beautiful fabric. There are many more industrial sized machines producing Dhaka fabric nowadays but many Nepalis still weave in the more traditional way. The colors and designs of Dhaka are always unique though always including the color orange into any pattern. I enjoyed watching these women’s talent and commitment to creating something beautiful representing a piece of their culture.