The villages of Nepal have so much to offer that many foreign visitors never even realize the food and views they miss because it is so far off the beaten path. One of my favorite finds so far is a special village chocolate found in the eastern part of Nepal.

The small factory I visited was located in Nepal Tar. Three Nepali women ran it, stirring big pots of steamy candy batter and rolling it by hand into colorful wrappers. Because electricity is scarce in the villages, the candy is made over a fire. Candy has been made like this for generations and the women were as happy to have us taste it as we are to share a favorite cookie recipe from grandma.

They poured the hot batter out onto the wooden table and formed it into a big square. They let it cool and harden for a couple minutes then cut it into little strips with a big knife. It The candy made in these villages is taken to bazaars all over the country and bought for special occasions. The village children happily run to the shop after school and fill their pockets with the treat so easily at hand for them. As tourists become more aware of what the village shops have to offer they can support the culture and appreciate a wonderful taste of mountain candy!

Report by Emma Mosemann