Flooding of the Hanumante River, following torrential rains last week, damaged property worth Rs 119.35 million (1.87 million USD) in Bhaktapur and Madhyapur Thimi, reports the Bhaktapur District Administration Office at a press conference on Sunday.

Makeshift housing used for sheltering earthquake victims at Jagati and Barahisthan were waterlogged, forcing many to flee yet again. The Radhe Radhe and Kamerotar land pooling development in Madhyapur Thimi were also overwhelmed with water during the flood.

Chief District Officer, Narayan Prasad Bhatta, reported that the flood, landslide,
and flood instigated by the rains on July 11 and 12 caused this extent of damage in the district.

He also described that, because of the flooding, a landslide at Changunarayan Municipality swept away the house of a local family, killing three members and injuring four.

So far the Nepal Army and emergency teams have rescued 111 people from the areas most affected by the flood.

In total, the flood and landslide damaged 522 houses, 15 sheds, 28 industries and factories including petrol pumps, 133 retail and wholesale shops, 2 bridges, 2 roads, 4 hospitals, and 4 schools.

The damaged properties amounted worth was around Rs 69.51 million in Madhyapur Thimi Municipality; Rs 34.2 million in Bhaktapur Municipality; Rs 27.91 million in Surya Binayak Municipality; and Rs 2.398 million in Changunarayan Municipality.

Written by: Benjamin Loecken