The government of Nepal recently purchased a residence for its ambassador to the United States, Mr. Arjun Karki, worth a whopping 6.8 million USD (approximately Rs. 700 Million. The property is located at 2911 University Ter NW, and spreads over 10,135 square feet, has seven bedrooms and ten bathrooms. It is located in the same neighborhood that Ivanka Trump is currently residing in and is approximately 20 minutes from Capitol Hill.

The cost, which does not include the additional three percent commission to the real estate agent, totals the entire rent that Nepal pays for all of its presence abroad, including the embassy buildings, and residences of the embassy staff and the ambassadors.

Nepali Ambassador to the United States Arjun Karki is considered a close confidant of Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli, and the decision to purchase the mansion was made after Oli was elected prime minister. A few members of the Nepali community and those in the diplomatic community in Washington, Maryland, and Virginia have raised questions about the purchase of the expensive residence. “Another property of moderate rate can be easily found in the DC area. There was no need to purchase such an expensive mansion,” said a former Nepali diplomat who served in Washington DC.

Written by: Benjamin J. Loecken