AlvesNew death threats against Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro and the secretary of Human Rights, Damares Alves, were announced by the Federal Police of Brazil. During his victorious campaign, Bolsonaro was stabbed in an assassination attempt. Since the beginning of the transitional government, at the end of last year, the minister was threatened with death 145 times in total.
On the site ” Eco-Extremist Curse “, the note states that Damares is one of the main targets of terrorists called Individualists Tending Towards the Wild (ITS), also known as the Secret Wilderness Society.
This same group was responsible for an attempted bomb attack on a Catholic church in Brazlandia, near the capital Brasilia, on Christmas Eve 2018. A backpack with a bomb containing 5 kilos of explosives was found in the temple but disarmed by the police. In videos disseminated by social networks, they showed evidence that they were involved and mocked the police.
A couple of days later, the Federal Police of Brazil conducted seven search and seizure warrants in three states and arrested three people. In one of the houses searched, a manual on how to make bombs was found. One of the suspects holds a triple nationality and often travels abroad.
In a section of the text published in English, they say: ” We did not care about how many we would have killed and if we were targeting a specific group, Christian religious, the same group of Damares, even if it was Protestant. We looked at this group and we had our reasons, and at the moment we made clear the threatening position and our murderous intentions also against Damares Alves. Let it be clear that they still exist, and they are increasingly dangerous”.
The choice of words makes it clear that there is a religious motivation, in this case, against evangelical Christians.
As evidenced by the public note, the extremist group despises the Brazilian authorities. The terrorists state: “The Federal Police, with the help of ABIN [intelligence agency] and others, carried out a large operation, but detained random people, not us (3). We keep developing and attacking”.
In addition to Damares, they also threaten President Jair Bolsonaro and Secretary of Environment , Ricardo Salles, who reinforced his security after the threats. However, they seem to hate Damares, who has been relentless in the fight against pedophilia, organized crime and all types of abuse.
One of the most popular figures of this government, Damares is a pastor with a history of defending family and conservative values.
The title of the threat posted on the group’s site is “DAMARES WALKS ON THE VALLEY OF DEATH.” It lists how they can attack: “You can be walking in the valley of death, Damares, walking in eggshells, or even better, in a minefield. Have you thought about a meeting in your church flying through the air like in Sri Lanka? Or a political event of his? And a deadly toxin in some food of his? A bullet in your head while traveling to work?”
According to the secretary of Human Rights, all the necessary security measures were taken. The minister renamed the threat entitled “Damares in the Valley of the Shadow of Death” quoting Scripture. “The Bible said that though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for the Lord is with me. He prepares a table before me in the presence of my enemies. This text is in Psalm 23. And this table , without a doubt, it is a new Brazil “, she assures.